Thursday, October 16, 2008

California's Proposition 8

If you have an interest in gay rights and/or concerns regarding gay marriage click on this and read the article and comments over at Blog Critics Magazine.

Photo: Pineapple mint, anyone?


Terry S said...

Sadly, it looks as though this proposition has prevailed. So, too, have a number of anti-gay initiatives in other states.

While many of us got swept up in our fervor for Barack Obama, these disgusting propositions snuck by practically unnoticed. It will likely take decades to reverse all this hateful crap, unless some quick court challenges reverse them.


Michael May said...

I live in the LA area. Ran into your blog as a result of Bill Evans music interest...funny how that led to the Prop 8.

Regardless, I was shocked to discover we [Kalifornia] voted to protect chickens, [Prop 2] voted for iRock Omama, and voted against gay rights. Does this make any sense?

I will check in on your blog from time to time. Michael @

Terry S said...


First. Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I didn't get a chance to clean up. The place gets to be such a mess.:)

It would seem that most of these propositions and initiatives kind of ran under the radar. The hoopla surrounding the Obama/McCain campaign pretty much distracted most of us while those things gathered their own steam.

BTW, I took a peek at your site, and will take some more time to take it all in soon.

Back to Prop 8 - I see that a # of law suits have been filed against it. Similar challenges are expected for a number of the others. Time will tell.

michael said...

On Prop 8. We [Pam, Jack and me]made "No on 8" signs and carried them in the car. There is a brand new Mormon Church? or Cult site built by our home. They would hang out there on the corner and yell "yes on 8" to cars as they drove by. We always flashed the signs.

When you say "No on 8" people always...always ask if you are gay. ha ha ha ha. I started saying, "Fuck no, but queers have rights too." That ended the discussion.

Now La County and San Francisco County entered the legal battle with the ACLU to stop Prop 8. Funny thing about a Constitution. Looks like you just can't change it by a popular vote. My be you need the legislature to vote too. Stay tuned.

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