Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama. O'Yay!


michael said...

Looked into the results here in Kalifonia. Obama won 61% of the vote. He also got nearly 90% of the Black vote. It was these same Black voters wo defeated Prop 8. They voted 70% in favor of Prop 8.

Seems really hard to uderstand how a group fighting for equality and rights could defeat equality for others while voting to elect a Black man. Am I stupid or is this crazy.

I need to talk to one of these voters and understand. I just don't get it.

jazzycat said...

How you doing. Question. If government taxing, borrowing, and spending can create prospertity, then why do we stop at 1 trillion dollar pork bill? IOW, it seems if the government would spend ten or twenty trillion, then we could really have prospertity.

With all due respect, when marriage is redefined for the rights of some, the rights of those who oppose are affected. Why stop with homosexual marriage, there is also polygamy and many other definitions of marriage that could be added as well.

Are you aware that Obama says he opposes homosexual marriage? Of course we both know he is lying, but that is his official position.

Terry S said...


I'm doing reasonably well. Business has picked up. I did fall on the ice a couple of weeks ago pretty much rendering my right arm useless for several days. It seems to be coming around slowly, though.
I hope you and yours are doing well.

Just curious. How are your rights diminished if gays and lesbians are afforded the same legal rights as pertain to marriage? How does it hamper you? In what way does it affect your or anyone's legal rights in marriage?

You and others don't approve of same sex relationships as you have every right to do. I don't particularly approve of 3AM weddings in Vegas - be they gay or straight. Such unions hardly do anything to enhance the institution of marriage. But, in the end, it doesn't affect me or my rights. I have my opinions, but ultimately, it's none of my business.

BTW - I DON'T assume or believe that Obama is lying. You say that with such certainty when it is nothing more than your opinion infused with emotion. Have you any specific proof that Obama is lying about his views on gay marriage?

Frankly, I'm disappointed that he does not openly and actively support the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. I understand it from a political perspective, but I still don't like it. There are other issues with which I don't agree in the manner they are being handled by our new president.

But on the whole, and largely on the major issues with which his administration has been saddled, I support Obama whole heartedly.

I grant you that the money he is spending is scary stuff. The figures can have the effect of draining the blood out of one's head and upper extremities.

But Obama was dealt what may well be the worst hand any incoming president has been obliged to pick up in our history. The cards have been heavily stacked against him. I suspect, though, that he may well be able to smile and declare "gin" well before many people would think possible.

He is going against virtually everything fiscal conservatives consider sacred. But it is their mess that Obama has been left to clean up. It is clear that more of the same is not going to get the job done. It's equally apparent that an about face is in order. He made that clear during the campaign. Obama has quickly made that '180' much to the chagrin of the Reps and other conservatives. What they deem as irresponsible may well be the only way in which we will get ourselves out of the muck and mire of unbridled greed and opportunism.

His approach is obviously risky and certainly could end in failure. But to follow the same path laid out over the past 8 years would indeed be irresponsible and foolish.


jazzycat said...

Glad your injury is improving. I have been alright, but my wife had the shingles. That is not fun. I was disappointed you did not answer my question about government spending producing prosperity.

Have you any specific proof that Obama is lying about his views on gay marriage?

I believe you answered this yourself when you said,”Frankly, I'm disappointed that he does not openly and actively support the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. I understand it from a political perspective, but I still don't like it.” As you seem to affirm it is apparent that his stance is based on politics and when the country responds more favorably to the manipulation and propaganda, he and liberals will hop up on that bandwagon. I know it and you know it. Thus, he is lying for political purposes and I am sure many others do this as well.

How are your rights diminished if gays and lesbians are afforded the same legal rights as pertain to marriage?

If it is a right rather than a desire or simply a want for homosexuals to change the definition of marriage that has been around for centuries in all kinds of diverse cultures, then it must also be considered a right for me to want to have and maintain the same definition of marriage. Is it not a right for me to want to keep the marriage definition unchanged? After all, we are really talking about desires and wishes rather than rights. However, if a persons’ personal preference in defining marriage is a right that must be honored, then we would have to also legalize polygamy, incest, and perhaps a marriage between a human and say a chimp.

If homosexual marriage wins the day as I suspect it will, would you agree that Christians have the right to call their marriage by another name. Since Biblical Christians would not recognize homosexual marriages as legitimate, would you extend to us the right to call our marriages a Biblical marriage and give pastors the right to perform only Biblical marriages? If we are to truly be tolerant, you wouldn’t have a problem with that would you? We are told everyday that in our culture of diversity, we must tolerate the customs of other cultures. When I am asked the question are you married, I could answer yes, I have a Biblical marriage. Is this my right or not?

Terry S said...


Well, I did address your question more or less.

No, of course endless government spending would not solve our problems. I alluded to this as Obama inherited an absolute mess, mainly with the economy, but in Iran and Afghanistan as well.

I think you've taken the typical conservative response and run with it well beyond reason, as you did with the gay marriage issue.

The argument you make about poligamy, incest and bestiality is over-reaching and bogus. It does illustrate that you don't understand gay/lesbian relationships.

Politics is politics. Obama hasn't equivocated about gay marriage. He has never stated support for it. He does support civil unions for gays.

There is no candidate who will prove to be all things for anyone. One has to look for a candidate who represents one's views onthe most and/or the most important issues.

As to what individual churches decide to do, I think that's up to them. I don't believe that any religious organization should be forced to perform or otherwise sanction same sex unions.

But, neither do I believe that the government should have anything to say about it. We have gone round and round about this a number of times. My position is that it's none of government's business.

You want government out of everybody's pocketbook. I want them out of everybody's bedroom.