Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Designation For Raptarians

I have made a command decision! The erstwhile dubbed "Raptarians" are to be re-designated. "Raptarian" has bothered me in that it seems somewhat too elevated a moniker for such folk.


In a moment of inspiration into my overly clever little mind came a somewhat similar, but, I believe, a much more apt name that will live from this time forward, and even forever more (Unless I have yet another epiphany.) I dub them "Raptiles." That brings up some images, doesn't it?

I'd love to get some feedback on this, but so far, I have been, more or less, farting in the wind. No one has as yet taken note of my presence in Blogworld. I suppose I might gain the attention of some Homeland Security mokes if I made repeated use of some key words that they tend to watch for. But then, I'd probably just get hauled away by some other mokes (or is that jamokes?) and put in the slammer to rot. On balance, I think that that would be a bad thing.

I have been keeping the home fires burning, but the sirens are getting louder, and I guess I'd better get out of here.

'til later campers. (Oh, I know, so far there haven't been any campers.)

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