Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Sap

We are now in the midst of the run of TV series' christmas or holiday episodes which seem to play ad nauseam from before thanksgiving till, sometimes even after New Years. Most tend toward the maudlin. A few surprise. I just watched Grey's Anatomy, a show I generally enjoy. It's a little quirky, funny, and sometimes sexy. Happily, among the cast is Sandra Oh. I came to like Ms. Oh seeing her in Sideways, and have enjoyed her rather acerbic character in Grey's. A theme running through tonite's episode (12/11/05) was, of course christmas, god and spirituality. On balance they tended to side with the spiritual-god side of things, but they allowed Oh's character to win one for the (godless) Gipper. Again, a small victory, but a surprisingly satisfying one. A young heart transplant patient rallies just simply because he decides to live, not because god or santa or spirits came to his aide.

Have faith in yourself, and, if warranted, in other people. Don't give yourself up to some vague notion of god or spirits. Believe in yourself! Believe in humanity! We are all we've got!

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