Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Can't think of anything

Here I am, writing again, but I can't really think of anything to say. I drive around much of the day thinking as I drive, usually coming up with undeniably brilliant stuff. When I sit down in front of this cursed machine, my mind goes blank. All of my wit and wisdom evaporates into the stale air of my basement office. Hey, maybe it's Radon! It's eating away at my ingrams. (I don't know what ingrams are, but I remember a character on Star Trek [original series] who had implanted his brain "ingrams" onto some whiz bang invention he had created which proceeded to go postal and was about to blow the Enterprise into oblivion. Of course, Captain Kirk with the aid of Mr. Spock, Bones and the rest saved the day or night, or whatever it was - who can tell if your in outer space?)

The folks at the Indiana Legislature are still fussing over the court decree against sectarian prayer during legislative sessions. As I stated, I would have been delerious if the judge had completely banned any prayer in the legislature. I can't figure out why christians can't just do something without having to resort to beseeching their imaginary overseer, god. Are they really so unsure of themselves that they can't do their jobs (or much of anything else) without asking god to set themon the right path? Do they believe that human beings, even well educated, otherwise intelligent people just can't function without god? Give me a break.

Hey, the Colts have won, well, everything so far. I still am not convinced that they will get through the season undefeated, but they are pretty good. Can they win it all? I think they can.

The Pacers on the other hand are, once again struggling and have been sabotaged by Ron Artest now two seasons in a row. Bob Kravitz, an Indy Star sports writer, has been urging the Pacers to get rid of Ron-Ron for 2 years or more. Apparently, the Pacer's brain trust - Donnie Walsh, Larry Bird - didn't agree. I didn't either. But now, I must admit, Kravitz was right. They say the phones are ringing off the hook from teams wanting to make a trade. I agree that Artest is a hell of a player on the court. But who would want to take on anyone with the kind of baggage he'll be lugging along behind him? I don't think Artest is really a bad guy. I just think he basically is a few teeth short of a comb. He doesn't have both oars in the water. He's nuts! If the Pacer's can actually reel in a good, hopefully sane, player in exchange for Artest, more power to them.

Just another god thought. What's in it for him? Why in heaven (ha-ha) does he do all this? What can he possibly gain? Why did he go to all the trouble to create the universe, and put us all here in this puny little planet? Was he bored? Is all this just a diversion, an entertainment? Why does he need all of us insignificant little twerps grovelling at his feet? Seems like he has delusions of grandeur. I think he needs some serious therapy. But, who's couch is he going to lie on? Who would have the hubris to sit and interpret GOD's mental state? John Delancey - you know - Q?Opra? Dr. Phil? Martha Stewart? Yes! Martha. It's a good thing. (I loved the Martha segment I saw on the "Slammer Channel" when she showed us how to make shiv cozeys. Made me fell are warm and runny inside.)

Later dog.

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