Saturday, May 31, 2008

The End - I Mean It! Really! No Foolin' Around!

I am no longer posting here. I have not set up new digs as yet, but will, hopefully, in the near future. For anyone interested, check back here from time to time as I will provide a link whenever that happens.

I will keep this old barge afloat for the forseeable future as I want to save some of my posts for posterior, or uh, well, you know what I mean.

At some point though, I will pull the plug and presumably "Rupture" will disappear into the ether of cyberspace. For most, this will be no great loss, I'm sure.

In the mean time, feel free to browse, even comment should you have the urge. I'd love it. I think I put together a few good posts over the last couple of years, and at least in some instances, there arose a good bit of spirited discussion/argumentation. Hey, what better way to spend a glorious spring or summer day than sitting in a darkened room hunched over a computer keyboard reading from the rantings of some unknown godless fat guy from the midwest?

In some ways, I feel like I'm announcing a GOB (going out of business) sale for a cheap furniture store. Whatever.

Terry S.
(Photo - Ravensbruck)


Zoe said...

What's your askin' price for the Atheist Blogroll?


Terry S said...

Hey, I am thinking about having a close out sale, or maybe an auction. Just for you though, you can submit a sealed bid. The whole list - one money. I'd hate to have to break it up. But I could do that, say alphabetically. Bidders could bid on their choice of letter listings, and then they can have "choice and privilege." (I used to be an auctioneer, so I got the jargon down pat.)

That blogroll is something else. When I first signed on, I think there was something like 150 or 200sites. Now there's what, three thousand? It's really kind of useless. Every atheist and agnositic in the world must maintain a blog on that list.

Whatever my new blogging incarnation may be, I think I'll forego getting back on it.