Wednesday, May 21, 2008

End Game

In a couple of weeks or so, I am going to pull the plug on this old site and put it out of its misery. It has more than run its course, and I really don't have anything much to say. It's all been said.

I doubt that my efforts have changed any minds or even been particularly informative. I went through a period like this several months ago, but found some things that got me going again. That doesn't seem to be happening this time around. I got nothin'.

I may pop up again in another blog incarnation, but I will have to find a compelling purpose to do so. A few readers have been kind in making comments, and I have enjoyed some spirited discussions and debates over the last two and a half years or so. But, it all just seems for naught at this juncture.

So, I am saying bye, bye for now. I only wish I had been somebody, so I could make a come back. Ah well.



Jonah Immanu said...

Jonah Immanu says

Who do you think cares if you pull the plug on your faithless sarcasm? While you lose the opportunity to believe in the good God who created our Universe for good, it would be great if out of this you could become convinced that Jesus is the Messiah of mankind and available to refuge you from the antichrist and the soon coming Tribulation and Great Tribulation.

The FOOL says in his heart that there is no God. Stay foolish and you'll be left behind in the fallen world while genuine Christians will already be with the Lord in Heaven at a place that he prepared in-advance for them.
Eye has not seen nor has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.

In Jesus Name,

Jonah Immanu
Christian Eschatologist

Terry S said...


Thank you for caring.


Shaun K said...

That's unfortunate. I just rolled into this blog and the first post I see is a post of closing. I hope you do well in the rest of your endeavors and never stop being an outspoken atheist!

Terry S said...


Thanks for dropping by and for your sentiments. Sorry you didn't land here sooner.

I probably will set up another blog in time, but I feel that its premise needs to be broader. The focus of this site is, as established, pretty narrow, and as you might have noticed, I write about a lot of other issues beyond atheism and religion.

I have found that I love to write, and while some of my notions come off as half baked, I do feel that I have a perspective and understanding of some things that is my own, and in that, unique and sometimes completely baked.

Any new effort that I take on will, of course, include my atheism, but I want to fashion it so as to appeal to a broader range of readers. But, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Johah sure is a great guy eh?

Terry, wishing you the best. Thanks for sharing your writing with those of us who have found ourselves abiding here from time to time.


Terry S said...


I intend to set up another site, as I stated; something broader in its scope in the near future.

I don't intend to post here any longer, but I will leave the site up for a time and probably provide a link whenever I get the new place up and running.

I want to save some of my posts here. I'm not sure what the best way to do that is beyond copy/paste to Word or some such.

I saw at your place that you are taking a break. Hope you're well.