Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Little of This, A Little of That

Well, tomorrow will be my "dancing day." I get my knee "scoped." I know it's no big deal. I think the surgeon (who has the unfortunate name of Dr. Fink,) does these things by the dozens each week. I just hope he doesn't get bored and doze off, or mistakenly suck the left hemisphere of my brain out of my skull. I don't suppose it matters much, though. I was never very good at math anyhow.

A couple of news items caught my eye.

What's up with Ted Haggard? I thought he skipped around the alter a little lite in his Wegans. (Some of you may have to Google that one.)

How about this?

Around 300 letters apparently addressed to god have washed up on the Jersey shore. Who'd have thought god lived anywhere near New Jersey? Maybe in South River? Whadya think? And are we to assume that somebody "went postal" with the godster's mail? What next?

I got a response to an earlier post from "Peter." I don't know if he's a fisherman.

Peter exhorted me to read my bible (I actually do have one - King James version - more poetic than the newer versions, don't you think?,) to repent and stand before god's judgement.

I answered him courteously (no really - you can check it out - see the comments after my post about christians being everywhere.) First, I informed him that I am not concerned with my soul, and then suggested to him that he might, in fact, consider the possibility that god doesn't exist.

I clicked onto his site ( only to discover that his "comment" on my site was actually the main - perhaps the only - post on his site. I proceeded to copy my answering comment to him and pasted it into his comments section. However, when I attempted to publish it, a notice appeared stating that the comment would be scrutinized by the resident blogger before it could be published. Apparently, Peter thought my comments were inappropriate for inclusion in his blog. That, despite the fact of his publishing his extended comments on mine.

Actually, I don't mind, of course. That is what I want. I want comments. I want discussion. I want to argue with somebody. I like it when people agree with me, too, though. That's a good thing.

Peter came back with an additional response (which you can also read in the comment section of the aforementioned post.)

It would seem that he is angry. At me, I guess. He questioned whether I knew if Richard Dawkins is a fraud. He asked whether I had read my bible cover to cover. My answers to both of these questions would be "No." I don't know that Dawkins is a truth teller. I believe him to be. He is educated, intelligent, articulate and earnest. Oh, and he's English. That counts for something, doesn't it?

As to reading the bible cover to cover? No. I try to avoid reading poorly written, contradictory, and inconsistent material. I have read bits and pieces of it. It contains far too much gratuitous sex and violence for my tastes. I have read more of it than say, the koran, or the book of the dead, or the upanishads. I have read Laotzu's The Way of Life from cover to cover a couple of times. (It is mercifully short.) I have read Hesse's Siddhartha. But, the bible? No.

Peter also presented the following as "the atheist test:"

1. How many grains of sand are there on the beaches in Hawaii?
2. How many hairs are on a shetlin (sic) pony?

I give.

Does anyone out there recognize this as something meaningful with regards to its being "the atheist test?"

I recently hit a milestone here at "Rupture..." The site surpassed the 2000 hit plateau. It took nearly a year. (As a kind of measure, my nephew has a popular blog which gets an average of 90 to a 100 hits a day.)

I decided to check out some of the cumulative data on my site meter. Very informative. I have had hits from virtually every continent - excepting Antarctica. High speed internet just hasn't taken off there as yet. As I clicked on each of the recorded visits I came to realize that approximately 95% of all of the "hitters" stayed on board for a total of zero seconds. That's pretty gratifying.

After careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that speed reading has hit new and unimagined heights.

Just to nudge the interest level a bit, I may begin publishing some of my collection of nude photos of Art Linkletter. Stay tuned.



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LOL! ;)

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Oops, anonymous laughing out loud is me...we'll see you when you get back! :)