Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ann Coulter - Warm and Fuzzy

I have taken one for the team. Nearly the supreme sacrifice. I think I should get double points for this. No, triple!

I have listened to all five discs of Ann Coulter's The Church of Liberalism read by the author. I hadn't had the pleasure of reading any of Ms. Coulter's fine work prior to this. I can only say that my initial response to her is that she is the embodiment of the Ultra-Conservative, Vituperative Right-Wing, Bitch Slut From Hell. After some consideration, though, and in all fairness, that might be a bit over the top. I don't believe in hell. I do believe spending around five hours driving about central Indiana listening to her nauseatingly nasal drone is as close to hell as I ever want to get. After each disc ran its course, I just wanted to jump into a vat of Purel and soak for a while. The only fragment of a silver lining behind the dark cloud of her vitriolic prose is that the book on CD is an abridged version of the original. (Hallelujah!)

The ultra-right needed a good liberal basher. Rush Limbaugh just wasn't getting the job done what with his medicinal problems. They needed someone to counter Michael Moore and the mighty Al Franken. Coulter more than fills the bill. She actually may be more adept at the cheap shot than is Moore. She loves to slip them in from the side of her mouth like spittle or drool. She is endlessly condescending and self-righteous.

Now that I have taken my shots (I must admit, it does feel good,) I say this: Setting aside the above mentioned shots and her all encompassing charges, ultimately she mounts some thorough and pretty convincing arguments. It's not a question as to whether I buy them or not (I don't.) She lost credibilitiy with me early on.

But a lot of people have, and will buy into her claims and charges. I haven't the depth of knowledge to counter her debunking of evolution, her denigration of Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plaime, her diatribe against teachers and public education, or her evisceration of what we believe happened at the Scopes trial. Coulter is not stupid. She, at least seemingly, makes thoroughly researched arguments. Are they? I don't know. I certainly hope not.

I am a bit slow in the uptake regarding Coulter. I know she's been out there at her liberal/democrat bashing for some time. There are several web sites and now a few books which attempt to mount counter attacks against her. A few appear to be somewhat successful, most, not so much.

A lot of what I've seen is just more cheap shots. Again, it's fun, but it gets us nowhere. I hope to find some really strong, authoritative, properly researched and substantiated arguments against her.

I find her despicable first due to her divisiveness. Her broad attacks against essentially half of the population of this country - which includes a charge of treason against the entire Democratic party - are just the kind of thing I hate reading or hearing from anyone - from the left or right.

According to Coulter no one professing to be either a liberal or democrat should be allowed to draw breath, let alone serve in any capacity in public office.

Among many blanket charges she makes against all liberals are the following:

That we -
1. Love abortion - want to kill babies as our primary mission
2. Hate science (Yeah, the blond harridin says we hate science. Noell will really like that one.)
3. Love criminals (especially murderers and rapists) - do not want them incarcerated
4. Love terrorists
5. Love Stalin & all communists
6. Hate god (but)
7. Love muslims
8. Lie - always - about everything
9. Love taxes
10. Hate the poor
11. Hate women
12. Hate the elderly
13. Hate freedom

There are others, but you get the idea. We are obviously an evil bunch.

She starts out this book by claiming that liberalism is, as the title would suggest, a religion.

She claims that evolutionists are a cult.

She refers to women who are pro-abortion as "women who have sex with men they don't want to have children with."

She refers to four wives of WTC victims as the "9/11 sluts."

She places the blame for 9/11 wholly in the lap of the Clinton administration. I think she believes that Hillary personally obtained all of the 9/11 terrorists their flight reservations from the infamous White House travel office. She totally absolves the Bush administration from any responsibility. She claims that Clinton was too busy getting off in the Oval Office to be concerned about Osama and his boys.

I do not sit here as an apologist for Bill Clinton. His dalliances with Monica Lewinsky and others remain reprehensible. He damaged both his nation and his presidency. And I do believe that mistakes were made by Mr. Bill and his people regarding terrorist activity both within and beyond our shores. But those mistakes and more were carried forward by Bush and his war mongering cronies. They buried their heads even deeper in the sand. It has been charged repeatedly that even before 9/11, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etal, were obsessed with going to war against Iraq. The September attacks just provided them the license, as it were, to mix it up with Saddam without an iota of proof that any Iraqis were involved. Dubya had to revenge H Dubya, for goodness sakes.

Second, Ann Coulter is despicable in that, just as with Rush Limbaugh, she is laughing all the way to the bank. While I don't suppose there is any danger of her net worth overtaking "The Donald," she has nevertheless made a great deal of money on the backs of liberals and democrats. She is making hay out of what should be measured and properly considered discourse. We are talking about the welfare of a nation - perhaps, if things go badly, civilization itself.

I find what Coulter and others of her ilk on both sides of the left/right argument are doing is, in effect, making us a more seriously polarized nation in an unstable and dangerous world.

They are playing with fire.



Aviaa said...

Thanks for "taking one for the team." I frequently read Coulter's news articles (especially when I want my blood pressure to go up) but I haven't been able to convince myself to consume her generally hateful rhetoric in book form yet. I saw her speak a few months back and was heartened to see that much of the audience seem as appalled by most of her statements as I am.

Terry S said...

I'm not sure I could have "read" the book either. But, as I noted, listening to her was no picnic either.

The more I hear of her, the more despicable she becomes in my opinion. It's unfortunate that someone like her has such a large forum for her vitriole.

But, as you say, the further "out there" she goes, hopefully, the more people will disavow her positions and fall away from her ranks of supporters.

Thanks for dropping by.