Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bang, Bang

The recent rash of shootings in schools across the country mark yet another victory for the NRA and righteous gun owners throughout the land. It's comforting to know while it's unfortunate a number of young people got their faces blown off, that at least no tree hugging liberal son of a bitch prevented any of those mis-understood good old boys from their god given right to have and own any and all the guns their little pea pickin' hearts desired. There is afterall, a price to be paid for liberty. We can't let the lives of a few rug rats or panty waste teachers or some faggot principals interfere with our mandate to build up our arsenals.

God, says in Rutabaga 9:14 that his army of born again true believers must be armed to the teeth so as to be ready to march with jesus in that final glorious battle against the minions of the devil. Otherwise, most all of us is good folk who wouldn't hurt nary a fly unless need be.

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Tree said...

I found it particularly tragic that someone would kill Amish children, and in such a brutal manner. I'm sure you know the Amish are pacifists. Their committment to forgiveness and compassion is a much needed lesson these days (Bush, are you paying attention? No, of course you aren't)

Terry S said...

From what I have heard about this senseless killing, the school was targeted owing to its accessibility and lack of any security. That it was in an amish community may have been incidental.

It is monstrous that children anywhere should be targets of deranged idiots who have their own personal arsenals.

While the amish are free to live as they choose, their rejection of modernity, including medical and technological developments since sometime in the mid-nineteenth century is less than reasonable.
Ultimately, they cannot hide from the rest of the world.

My wife and I sat through "The Village" the film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, which was, in its premise, ludicrous. Here was this group of people living as if it was 1850 or so rather than 2005, but finally, owing to an emergency, found it necessary to reach out of their secluded world for help. Of course, as with all Shyamalan films, this was the twist, as it was not revealed until near the end that it was NOT 1850.

The reason these people sought to live apart from modern society was its violence along with all the other ills of urban living. But in that rejection, they also lost what is GOOD about today's world.

Those children in Pennsylvania certainly did not deserve to die at the hands of a lunatic. And it serves little purpose to point fingers at the amish community saying that, if they had had some kind of security, or a phone, perhaps it wouldn't have happened.
Maybe, but that is doubtful.

This incident does not serve as validation for any criticism against the amish. But it does point up the futility of attempting to live as if the rest of the world doesn't exist.


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