Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Previous Post

I suppose my previous post qualifies as a rant, or even a smart assed effort at making hay over the bodies of slain children. If that's how anyone has taken it, I apologize. However, while it was written in anger and was meant to be sarcastic, it was not done on a lark or simply to be clever. I have long been against unrestrained gun ownership. These recent attacks in schools might never have happened if the perpetrators did not have such ready access to guns.

I understand that most gun legislation has been ineffective. That is due in large part to the successful efforts of those working against such legislation in drastically watering down most of the laws relegating them to their impotency.

One of the interesting things discussed in Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine was just why it is that we Americans kill each other so frequently, and more often than not, with guns. In the end, there was no clear answer. There are other countries - namely Canada, among others which have a large number of privately owned guns, but shootings are generally rare. Other issues - possible explanations - were discussed in the film to no particular avail.

I feel that it is due to an admixture of both our puritan and pioneer past which in some odd way renders us suspicious and fearful of one another. We just don't like each other very much.

There are doubtless other, more well considered explanations. However, the end result is that Americans tend to shoot first and screw the questions altogether. Indianapolis is on track to exceed its yearly murder record. Two or three of our fair citizens are being blown away about every day. It's been reported that there has been a good deal more gang activity in the city of late. Gang bangers come from Chicago and recently and notably some have made their way here from New Jersey to purchase guns. Indiana gun laws are laughably ineffective. It's much more difficult to obtain a hand gun most anywhere else in the country than in Indiana. (Recent legislation coming out of the Indiana State House allows people to carry guns - even hand guns into our state parks. Another new law allows our legislators to carry heat in the State House.)

Apparently, some of the out-of-town gangers have decided to settle here. I guess they figured Indy would be a good place to raise their kids. Kinda warms the cockles of my heart. Bet they'd be hell on wheels at a turkey shoot.



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