Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Other Blogs?

I started blogging because I started reading a very popular blog created by my nephew. He lives in NYC and has been writing his blog for over a year. It is often very entertaining and at times informative. He is a good writer. He enjoys an average of over 200 visits a day, and any number of comments left on his various postings. Of course he is 30 something and lives the life of a younger generation. Many of his contemporaries are companion bloggers.
Check it out at

I, on the other hand, am on the verge of fogeyhood. I started this site a couple of months ago, and so far I've had only a few more total visits than the number my nephew averages daily.

Considering the subject matter that I generally deal with herein, I certainly didn't think I would build a following anything like my nephew has. I am truly grateful for Jazzy Cat's visits and involvement in this effort. I have endeavored to return the favor.

But, jeez!

Isn't there anyone else who has stumbled in here who has any interest in any of this, or who has any opinions to offer? Is it all just too boooooorrrrrrring? Would it help if I dealt with pop culture, or if I shared my Ipod downloads? (Just for the record, I don't actually own an Ipod.)
Obviously, I just don't get it. I suppose it was predictible that I would make a post venting my frustration. There are millions of bloggers. My son just shakes his head. "What did you expect?" says he.

Actually, I enjoy doing this regardless of the fact that I am largely talking to myself. It has, as I mentioned to Jazzy Cat, got me writing, thinking and writing. Just sitting down here and organizing my thoughts on any given topic, writing it all down, and going back to edit, is kind of exciting. But I do have enough of an ego that it would be gratifying if a few people acknowledged their presence.

I will strive on regardless. Jazzy Cat and I have gotten some momentum in our discussions.
My lithe fingers will continue to caress the keys of my Dell making magic at the flick of a word.


Any one know where the statue pictured above is located? It depicts a legendary story teller, but not one you would likely have heard of.


Chris said...

Dad! hehe. I read your blog! See, attention has been paid. I think this blogging is a tool toward honing our own thoughts, and it doesn't necessarily need to be read by anyone. But, well, it's nice to think that someone is out there paying attention to what you think...
Eek. I actually have a blog, but I only started it last week, and its for my own poetic trial & error. So its my tool for bein' crazy!
I am going to leave work now. Victoria made me a mug for my birthday, well; she bought one from Starbucks and customized it. It has a picture of Ron Artest on it, and I told her he'd been traded, but it's still very funny. It features a picture of him with a quote above his head "I'm an American. I may not be a class act, but I'm an American."

Terry S said...

The mug sounds great. It's fitting.
Good thing all the Pacers are healthy.

Jermaine did what? Oh, poop!

Yeah, I am having a good time writing this thing. I suppose I could just write for myself - not blog, but knowing that someone might actually read what I write helps motivate me to pay attention to detail. I often go back and edit - obvious things like punctuation, spelling, grammar, but also just trying to make things clearer. To clean up the language (gotta keep those obscenities at a minimum.)

As I am sure you have known for a long time, I am utterly shameless when it comes to seeking the limelight. My main object in writing this is fame and fortune. I can imagine that once the right people catch site of this, uh, site, it'll just be a matter of time until I'm doing Oprah. Just like James Frey, huh? I just need to go back and embellish a few "facts" to beef this stuff up. The sky's the limit.


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