Monday, June 18, 2007

The Perfect Father's Day Card

This is the father's day card my thoughtful and loving son sent me. It just kind of says it all, doesn't it? Man, it's like in 3-D or something! JC just kinda pops out at you. I think it's significant that the phone exchange is "UPtown" rather than "DOwntown."
Frankly, it may be the best card I've ever gotten. It will soon be ensconced in a decorative, but piously understated frame, hanging on my office wall in a particularly conspicuous location. Should I nail it up? Any thoughts?
It's great!


rebecca shannon said...

Just one thought...are you ready? :-)

Terry S said...


As best as I can be. I've tried to keep the place tidy. I get regular hair cuts. Trim my nose hairs. Keep the proper icons strategically, but neatly around the house. A suction Mary on my dashboard. Have CBN playing on the tube 24/7. Think pure thoughts.

I don't know, but I should just about have it nailed, don't you think?

Look out pearly gates, I'm a commin' through! Woohoo!!!