Saturday, June 30, 2007

Angry Response

Note: I wrote this little diatribe as a response to an article posted to Blog Critics Magazine regarding faith based initiatives being financed with our tax money. Some of it is repetitive as regards previous posts here. However, as the article to which I commented was several days old, it occured to me that it would likely not be read by much of anyone. I didn't want this stellar example of my literary and discursive prowess to completely go to waste. Placing it here guarantees at least another 3 or 4 exposures. Who knows, maybe 1 or 2 people (other than myself) might actually read it - or some of it at least. I could probably pick up some additional hits if I could just work Paris Hilton into the piece. ( Hey, I just did.)

Atheists carry much less hate than the average believer. Most of us, I think, would pretty much mind our own business, content to be free of religious dogma if all you "faith based" humans weren't doing so damn much damage in this world.

Christians love to proverbially hug themselves reveling in just how wonderful they are. They are all so kind and generous, so loving, so concerned, but are quick to remind anyone not of the faith of their certain descendance into eternal hell for not professing allegiance to jesus. It's all bogus crap.

As there is not one iota of evidence supporting the existence of any god or gods, why don't believers carry a burden of proof for their faith before they are allowed to subject the rest of us to their blather? Believers carry a greate deal of fear and loathing for non-believers (gays and lesbians who are perennial targets of christian hate are nevertheless more accepted in society than are atheists.) Pastors continually remind their respective flocks of how dastardly we are. After all, we are the devil's minions.

Keep in mind that to be an atheist pretty much anywhere in the world has been a very risky business for much of human history. The "burning" of atheists often took place right here on earth usually sponsored and carried out by mother church. Atheists have been vilified for centuries. That given, perhaps we are a bit defensive and tend toward being a tad cranky.

If the dominionists have their way, all of us professed non-believers will likely have to find new digs and/or go underground. We will probably rue the day we ever chose to start gabbing about our distaste for god and religion on the internet. We'll be hunted like rats.
(There should be a paragraph break here.)
Our founding fathers were true products of the "enlightenment" as brought forth through the Renaissance. As many of them were professed deists who accepted a notion of some kind of godly creator, but certainly not a personal god, often professing their great distaste for religion in general, it was no accident that god is NOT mentioned in the Constitution. They understood only too well the dangers of any government endorsement of religion. The separation of church and state was a mainstay of their political philosophy. Georgie Porgie's "faith based" initiatives with the federal government providing tax money to support religious organizations in any capacity is a slap in the founding fathers' faces and counter to the Constitution. There can be no "taking back our country for Christ." He never had it in the first place.

People can be good and do good without religion, without churches, without god. We don't need some idiot evangelist prancing about the dais at some mega church to provide our moral bearings.

Hell, I think I'll establish my own church, the "Church of What's Happenin" and get me some of that good federal money. Whoo doogies!



rebecca shannon said...

Looks like you are unblocked now. :-)

Enjoyed this. Need a piano player?

Terry S said...

I was hoping for a Wurlitzer Electric Organ circa 1962 or so. I want to be able to get wild and crazy in a Lawrence Welkian sort of way. (A one, an a two...)


Zoe said...

Wild & crazy?! Lawrence Welk eh? LOL! Acually, I think I can picture that. *big grin*

Terry S said...

Is Zoe back in town? I've missed her.


Zoe said...

She's baaaaaaaaccccckkkk! *wink*

Being of an unstable mind and not knowing what the heck I want (or so I've been told)...I thought what the heck, who needs a new writing project when I already have an established one?

So, I'm back to doodling at ACS. I love to doodle. :-)

Terry S said...


Woohoo! Zoe is back!!!

I have found the same to be true of my little venture at Boomtime. I thought I'd have a lot of ideas to deal with there, but alas, no.

Perhaps when the weather cools and my yard work curtails, my idle mind and hands will find something to do over there.

In the meantime what with everything else this place is pretty much all I can handle.

I hope you've been well, or at least better than usual.