Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Little of This and a Little of That

Jerry Falwell bought the farm today. I have never liked the man even given the distance from which I knew him. I certainly did not wish for his death. Oddly, Falwell and many of his followers perhaps did, in the belief that he would be passing onto the great beyond for eternity. No one in his circle should be sad. Perhaps he is finding the void blissful.

A note regarding my old atheist friend-turned minister, Dain: He did in fact answer my email. Briefly. He informed me that it had been a crazy week (just prior to Easter,) and that he would get back to me when things settled down. He hasn't contacted me further. Unless he initiates further contact, I will let it be. I won't force the issue. I suppose now, my interest is reduced to simple curiosity about the other two of their trio, Jane & Carmen - what has happened to them over these years. (Dain and Jane are no longer together.) But, as I said, it is little more than personal curiosity. I don't know that Dain and I have much to say to each other. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see. Or not.

I need to get back to the phone. Gotta keep trying to call in my vote for the next American Idol. (My personal favorite is Melinda.)


Save the cheerleader...

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