Sunday, February 04, 2007

Big day for Indy & Chi Town, disappointment at home

This is the big day for the citizens of the fair cities of Indianapolis and Chicago. By the time most anyone reads this, one of those cities will be the home of the Super Bowl champs. A great day.

However, disappointment hit home. My son in Germany was to board a plane in Berlin and arrive in Indy around 5:30PM today. He arose at around 6AM and soon after boarded a train for the 2 hour ride to Berlin, then made his way to the airport.

Upon checking in he couldn't find his passport. Then it dawned on him. His passport was left sitting on his desk back at his apartment. He had used it to do a pre-check-in on line. It never made it back into his travel pack.

It's the kind of thing that we all do at one time or another; the kind of thing that drives us to distraction and worse. My son was devastated. The plan, of course, was to get to Indy in time to take a seat and watch the Super Bowl at the old homestead. My wife and I were looking forward to having him home. We haven't seen him since last August. It would be great to share watching the game with him.

He called his brother who then called us to relay the news. It left me feeling hollow and feeling my son's pain. I know this doesn't measure up to what families are going through with their kids in war zones. But family is family.

Fortunately, the airline allowed my son to reschedule his flight without penalty. He will be coming in on Tuesday. Our other son is flying in Wednesday. We will all be together for a few days. That is great. We will just have to watch the game separately. Somehow, I think we will survive.


P.S. The Colts won! Woohoo!!


jazzycat said...

Congrats to Colts. 57 record lows established in U.S. last week. Hmmmm.

Terry S said...

Thanks for the congrats. My family watched the game here in Indy, in Florida and in Neustralitz, Germany. It was a good time.

Oddly enough, I read somewhere within the last few weeks - I can't remember where - that global warming can cause unusually cold weather as well in a kind of rebound effect from abnormal highs.
Might be bogus so I won't make any claims, though.

It is brutally cold here - the high today in Indy was 9 degrees. The low last night was -4 degrees.
Last month was the warmest January on record in Indy. So far, this has been the coldest February in many years.

My son in Florida is flying home on Wednesday. He will be shocked.

Hope you are well.


jazzycat said...

Perhaps the global cooling we were warned about in the seventies caused a rebound which resulted in this rebound. Or is that to many rebounds?

Terry S said...

Um. Probably.