Tuesday, January 09, 2007

There is an end to all things

I think I may put this baby to bed. It seems to have run its course. I know this will be a disappointment to my ardent readership, but I'm sure both of you will be able to find other sources for intellectual stimulation, razor-sharp wit, and downright fun.

I've sat here several times over the last few days without any inspiration. Perhaps I've had my say. In any event, I'm just going to let this be for a while.



beepbeepitsme said...

Come back soon. :)

Zoe said...

Okay, time's up, what's next?

Terry S said...

What's next? I don't know. I find myself repeating myself here a lot. I've sat down to write posts only to realize that either what I intended to put together, I've already done, sometimes more than once, or that I just really don't have anything coherent or meaningful to say.

I love doing this. It's not much, kinda pathetic in its way, but I do enjoy it.

I suppose my lethargy has something to do with my kids. We weren't able to see our older son over the holidays. He couldn't come here because he had performances up till a day or two before christmas and a couple of days after. We couldn't afford to make a trip over there. We have not seen him perform live since before he graduated college back in 2001.

Happily, our younger son did come home from Florida for nearly an entire month, which was great. (I recount a bit of our road trip with him in an earlier post.)

He left to drive back last Friday. Each of them fill the house with such energy that, when they head back to their lives, it leaves a kind of vacuum here at the old homestead. The silence can be deafening, to utilize an overused phrase.

But Jo and I have recovered, I think. We made a trip up to Trader Joes market on the north side of town a few days ago, and stocked up on a bunch of their good stuff. (Do you have Trader Joes up your way? It's a fun place to grocery shop.)

We gave my wife a new computer for christmas, and she is taking some basic computer classes at a local library. Up until recently she wasn't sure how to turn a computer on. Now she is excited about it all. I'm excited for her as well. I think once she becomes comfortable, she will find a great deal of interesting things to do with it. I'd love to see her start writing again. She is very good, but lacks confidence having been away from it for so long.

I see you spent an extended time on holiday. I hope you found some renewal there.

As to my blogging efforts, I suppose I will come back sooner rather than later. I guess I just needed to step away from it, if only briefly. But it's been difficult. I've tried to force myself to stay away, with only middling success. Since I work on the computer each day, it is difficult to keep myself from clicking onto my site or someone elses. It's like a drug.

On the other hand, nothing has spurred me to post anything either. I've made a couple of comments elsewhere and am still sparring with Jazzy, but nothing of my own has come into my pointed little head. Not even some of my patented silliness.

I haven't even been able to settle into reading a book for some time. I've got 4 or 5 titles laying around here that I've started, but haven't been able to stay with anything.

Well, as usual, this went on much longer than I intended. Sorry. I guess I'll go curl up with our newly delivered "Atlantic Monthly," and read about our beloved president. That should cheer me up.

Hope you are well,


Zoe said...

Hi Terry,

See? There you go, this was another blog entry...though it ended up in the comment section.

I find your blog anything but pathetic. But I think I know a bit of what you speak of. I've often wondered as you well know, what the heck am I doing & who gives a damn? Then I worry that no one gives a damn & I wonder, why?

We have fairly quiet blogs. Maybe that's it? No good fights going on? We are too nice? You & Jazzy respect one another. Or so it seems to me. That's actually a good thing in my eyes.

I think you are a talented thinker, writer & story-teller. But, if you think you are pathetic then that might mean I am too, so my positive comments might also be pathetic? LOL!

I enjoy it too, I really do. But I hit times of blogging depression &/or blogging fatigue. And as you have noted I take breaks. I like them though I'm not sure I come back all refreshed & ready to blog again. I often feel as though I'm rambling on about the same ol' stuff over & over again.

My 3 weeks at home with my hubby were like heaven for me. I'm an empty nester too & I understand that silent feeling. I understand heading to the computer to click on a site here & there to bring some noise into my world. :-) I can only listen to the Dixie Chicks for so long! ;-)

Haven't heard of Trader Joes but sounds like a place I'd love to visit.

Glad your wife has got a computer! Too cool. Maybe she'll start her own blog. Love to read it if she does. You'll have to let me know if she's not to shy about it.

No pressure here from me on blogging. I totally understand. I was just funnin' with ya when I made that comment. Hugs to you & Jo.

Terry S said...

Hey Zoe,


By the way, I certainly did not intend my "pathetic" comment to reflect on you or anyone else for that matter. I'm keeping all the "pathetic" stuff for myself.

Overall, I have enjoyed my discourse with Jazzy Cat. I think we both know that we won't change the other's mind, but we have challenged each other from time to time, and we both have had to ponder our positions in order to make a reasoned response. I do respect Jazzy. Sometimes we get a little testy with each other, but, all in all its been a reasonably amicable debate. It's just that he's wrong, and I'm right.

I guess I have just been unfocussed the last several days. My work has slowed down to a trickle which is disturbing. I often find that I can accomplish more of everything if I'm also busy with work. If work slows down, which it all too often does, I tend to get worrisome and lethargic. It kind of paralyzes me. But when I'm busy, I guess the blood just flows better, perhaps with more adrenalin, I have more energy, and I get more things done. There is a tipping point, though. Sometimes I get so busy with work, I can hardly take time to breathe, let alone think or write. Those times are good for the bank account, I suppose, but I tend to get a little crazy if it lasts for very long.

You have been at this - blogging that is - for some time, during which you have undergone a number dramatic changes as you noted in your recent post and your revised "About Me" profile. That's a lot to absorb and make any sense of it. Blogging may help you sort some of it out, and if you are now or if you begin to pursue a book, that could be therapeutic as well. I'm not sure if that is your goal, but it could have such an effect regardless.

I don't know if Jo would ever do any blogging. She is a very private person, not given to airing her thoughts out in public. Her writing is personal, but she prefers to make her revelations through fiction or drama. But, who knows. There was a time when she had no desire to get near a computer. Now she has a new Dell desktop with a rather elegant flat screen monitor and some bells and whistles. Stranger things have happened. We'll see.

Hugs back at you and yours,


Terry S said...

Hey, beepbeep...,

I did.

(Come back soon,that is.)