Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things Change

Well, some things have changed since last evening. While the balance in the US Senate is still up for grabs as I write, the House is now firmly in Demo hands.

Another plus is the Missouri stem cell initiative did pass, and a move to ban abortions in South Dakota did not pass.

Sadly, ALL of the states with gay marriage ban initiatives on the ballot passed them - even Wisconsin. Self-righteous, knuckle dragging christians strike again. The world hasn't changed all that much. Christians really hate gays. I do believe they would rather embrace Osama than acknowledge that gays should have any societal rights. The only people christians hate more than gays are atheists. We are the worst.



Terry S said...


I misspoke. Not ALL of the gay marriage bans passed.

Arizona voted it down!

Hey, way to go Noell. We knew you could do it.

(Actually, and obviously, I have no knowledge of how or if Noell voted on the gay marriage ban in Arizona.) But she's the only Arizonan I have any contact with.

So - way to go!


jazzycat said...

Man you have been on a roll! I would write more, but my knuckles are kinda of bloody from dragging on the ground so much.


Terry S said...


I thought that might get a rise out of you.

Yes, I've been posting quite a bit over the last several weeks. I have checked in at your place from time to time. As you have been focussing on scripture for the most part, I find that I just don't have much to say about it.
But I have seen that you too, have kept busy.

I suppose we all have to take the bad with the good. It just happens that between you and I - and others of our respective ilks - what is bad for me is good for you and vise versa.

I do believe that the anti-gay marriage initiatives are a bad thing, as you know. I was heartened by Missouri's support of stem-cell research and S. Dakota's non-support of their over the top abortion ammendment.

I am happy that congress will, for at least the next 2 years, be more or less controlled by the democrats. I just hope that conflicts from within congress and with the Bush administration don't result in more grid lock.

The dems have been griping long and hard about Bush, Iraq and so on. Now they better put up or shut up.

I know that regardless of who is running things in Washington, for the most part, my day to day life will not change unless Osama chooses to blow up Indianapolis and the government fails to stop it. While my life will not be overly affected, my concern lay with my 2 sons who are still in the process of getting their lives off the ground as it were. It is their future I fear is imperiled.

As I've noted, a goodly number of the new Dem House electees are socially conservative, being anti-abortion, anti-gay, etc. We're not likely to have free abortions performed in the Rotunda or a plethora of gay marriage ceremonies held on the congressional steps. But, for me, I do feel a bit better about the future, especially as regards our actions in Iraq and elsewhere around the world. Our current efforts in Iraq are plainly not working. Perhaps the US can regain some semblence of respect, credibility and, dare say, even friendship from other world nations. I don't believe it to be in our best interest to thumb our collective noses at the world. It is a dangerous place in which not to have friends.

If you have the opportunity to read down a bit, you'll see that I had my knee scoped. My recovery seems to be going as expected. No major hitches so far.

I sincerely hope that you and yours remain well.

Perhaps we should each drown our election disappointments in some really strong root beer. Straight, no foam.


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