Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Our Production Line & Something New

At left all the guys and gals in our production center took a break from getting "the word" out to all of you pausing to gather for this photo just to say "Hi" and "Happy Holidays" to all of you, and, of course to show off what is our "state of the art" wireless, paperless facility. Again, you can just tell that these people are having pure, unmitigated fun. Life is good.

At the top of the page is an artist rendering of our newly remodeled offices made on the new Mega Pro XLT Knobless Etch-a-Sketch4. The Noodle twins Wendy and Heather are shown at their HAL9000 consoles pumping out information for you to read, consider and digest.

Kenny Barnstable is depicted at his fully digital and wireless HP970 Univirtual Titanium Fused Roll Top Work Station & Digital Toaster Oven. Mickey "Chip" Lupone, Kenny's "significant other" is shown going over plans for their "Feather Boa Blast" which took place a couple of weeks ago - and a great success it was, I might add.

I should note here that we were, unfortunately, forced to terminate the Noodle twins upon revelation of their participation in a "Stenos Gone Wild" video. There are limits. We will miss their flying fingers and incredibly straight backs.

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