Friday, September 01, 2006

What do I look like?

Someone asked amongst a series of comments on another blog site just what I looked like, or more precisely, how would I describe myself physically. As with many bloggers I prefer to maintain a certain amount of anonymity. I'm sure homeland security has no idea how to find me. I move with the shadows, don't you know.

But let's see.

Take the tall, lean, rugged look of say, Tom Selleck, add the suave self-assurance of a younger Sean Connery as Bond - James Bond, all this melded gently with the boyish good looks of Brad Pitt. Then think of the phrase: In your dreams, Bucko!

Harkening once again to revered Hollywood legends think of a combination of the haughty sophistication of John Candy, the come-hither stare and bon vivant charm of Danny DeVito put together with the classic profile of the chubby little bespeckled Hungarian, S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall, who, back in the 1930s and 40s, giggled a lot and almost always played some guy named Felix. (See Christmas in Connecticut.)

The latter description is more apt. As you might know, I have published a couple of photos of myself in previous posts.(Here's an opportunity for you to bask in the learned glory of my archives.) One, taken on Galveston beach probably sometime during the summer of 1967 at which time I was, if memory serves, badly hung over and engaged in wiping someone's puke out of the front seat of my car. The other, more contemporary shot of yours truly is in the guise of one C. Kringle. While the real me doesn't sport so much hair as the "K" man, what hair I do have is more akin to dirty beach sand with a smattering of soot. The effect is one of a pervasive "grayness."

Pretty attractive, huh? Also, I am usually quick in pointing out to people that the rather large middle section that I am now sporting actually used to be my chest, but that gravity being what it is, I have succumed to its relentless downward force. Always the victim.

I am determined to take self-deprecation to an art, hopefully well beyond that of Woody Allen.
I realize I've set a pretty high standard, but I think I'm just inept enough to pull it off.



Zoe said...

LOL, oh this is good. Aging, it's soooooooooo much fun! ;)

Terry S said...

Yeah, growing old sucks. But it does beat the alternative.