Sunday, September 17, 2006

Good Job Pope!

What do you suppose he was thinking? Did he imagine no one in the muslim world would hear of it? Did he believe that his being infallible would forestall any adverse responses?

Way to go popey. Real good! Quoting one of your predecessors regarding the great one - mohammed - was a great idea.

Or not.

What is it in the nature of so many religious and political leaders that they feel they are either immune to scrutiny or do they simply relish the opportunity to stick a finger in someone's eye? Did the pope sleep through the cartoon debacle? Or is he just a dumb old holy see?

On the other hand muslims can be such boors. Whenever anyone so much as looks at a muslim crosseyed, they fill the streets, burn whoever the offending party may be in effigy - or for real in some cases - pillage some churches, cut off a few heads, stone a nun or two. Once again, using my favorite phrase; What a load of crap! What a bunch of pea brains! Allah, you lord over an unruly bunch. Can't you manage some kind of control over your charges? Don't they have jobs to do? Children to tend? Homes to manage? Isn't there anything better for them to do than hit the streets chanting "Death to America!, Death to Israel!, Death to Jews!, Death to Christians!, Death to penile enlargement spam!?

I believe I visited this issue in an earlier post in reference to the aforementioned mohammed cartoon mess. While the pope should have used at least a modicum of discretion in his remarks, the over-the-top response that invariably follows any actual or perceived insult or slight against muslims by anyone - especially anyone from the west - is, at the least, tiresome. Violence is virtually always the first response.

There will doubtless be other occurences of people making statements and charges against muslims and islam. Get over yourselves. You are not special. None of us is any better than the rest of us. We are all subject to criticism. If you are sentient beings, as I believe you are, you are certainly free to return the criticism; to make your own statements and charges. But leave your scimitars and your RPGs at home. Death and destruction need not be the consequence.


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