Monday, September 11, 2006


I imagine that there have been thousands of posts related to 9/11 written today. I have watched some of the TV coverage recounting the events of that day and coverage of the 5 year observances. The feelings it all brings back are still surprisingly raw. The images of the Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the field in rural Pennsylvania still evoke fear, anger and an overwhelming sadness.

We are left wondering, not if, but when and where the other shoe will drop. There is an over-arching fatalistic resignation which hangs over this nation that we will be hit again perhaps much harder than we were 5 years ago. Some kind of WMD comes to mind. Of course the hope is that we will forestall such an eventuality, but the specter remains.

At the center of this conflict are resources (mainly oil) and a myriad of cultural differences. But the single issue galvanizing the jihadists into action is religious fervor. Again, my being an athiest makes all of this seem so agonizingly ludicrous. We are a long way from escaping the clutches of religion. If humanity happens to survive, it will likely take hundreds, perhaps thousands of years before that may happen. Meanwhile, religious zealots of every ilk are actively, even giddily promoting conflagration in the belief that it will be the realization of the predictions of Revelations and the expectations of the raptiles which are more or less in accord with the ultimate designs of radical jihadist muslims. They are all itching for a fight.

Osama and his adherents are moral morons. Despite their calculations, their patience, their dedication, their determination, they are at the core, eminently stupid men. Knuckle dragging stupid! Whatever success they may realize from their efforts, ultimately they will be faced with the reality that there is no god - no allah - revealing itself urging them to fight to the death for its honor. There will just be the destruction, the horror and death. There will be no winner.

Similarly stupid men (and women) are also to be found in this country. They would have us run headlong to Armageddon for the glory of their god.

News Flash!! There is no god to give a rat's ass about any of this!

Should these men and women succeed, the result will be exactly as noted above. There will be no winner. Jesus will not appear on a white steed with flowing mane, sword clenched between his pearly whites to lead the "born again" armies against the islamic hoards. There will just be destruction, horror and death.

It is all so incredibly and tragically stupid.


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