Sunday, May 07, 2006

Monster of the Mini-Marathon


I finished the mini-marathon. I can tell you my knees did not like it. Not one bit. But, regardless, I crossed the finish line in a blistering 3:57:34. (By contrast, my son finished in 2:20:18. but he's a show off.) I finished an eye opening 27,344th. (Yeah, really.)

While walking around the Indy track, I was passed by a guy with a prosthetic leg and a heavy set middle aged woman wearing flip-flops. On the west 10th Street leg, around mile 10 of the course, a local bar gave out small cups of beer. I passed, but my son had three. He said it was the greatest run he's ever done (and the best beer he ever drank.)

It was a good day. My knees will ultimately forgive me (I hope.) Woo-hoo!



Ravish said...

Hi Terry,

It was nice read about your effort in the
mini-marathon. Bombay, the city I live in, also has hosted a few marathons in the recent past. A few of the multinational corporations that have entered India in the wake of liberalised foreign trade policies of the government, had organised them as an advertisement. This is fine by me but what bothered me was that this was done under the guise of charity; by roping in celebrities, "suporting a cause".
Not as sport as an end in itself, but as a means to a higher, nobler end.

Sport is essentially a self-centered activity and is enjoyed both by participants and spectators for that reason. Sportsmen enjoy the sense of achievement after the pushing their bodies to limit toward their
goal and spectators enjoy and cheer the sportsmen as they derive the inspiration to achieve their own goals in whatever field of activity they are engaged in.

This is one more indicator of the fundamental difference between the
cultures of India and the USA, of
Individualism vs Altruism.
I posted a blog (my first one), a few days back, entitled Reply to terry


jazzycat said...

Congratulations, and thanks for the laugh...

Terry S said...

Jazzy & Ravish,

Thanks for your reponses. Just to put the times I reported for both my son and myself, in some perspective, the winner finished in 1:03:22. By the time I streaked across the finish line, the winner and the second placer were likely winging their way back to Kenya or other destinations unknown.

Nevertheless, I will go around believing I kicked butt. That will be my story, and I'll stick to it.


Zoe said...

You did kick butt Terry. Well done! :)