Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another mishmash

I haven't written much of note lately. Been busy. But, of course, there is plenty to write about.
People are still dying violently. I thought sure they'd stop. Reportedly, a group of Iraqi teachers were beheaded in school in front of their students. I also read denials about this. I don't know whether it happened or not. Nevertheless, allah is truly great.

Yesterday, our local newspaper, The Indianapolis Star, led with headlines regarding a triple murder on the west side of the City that was witnessed by the 7 year old boy of one of the victims. The trauma this child endured is unimaginable. Below that was a story about 5 young IU music students who died in a small plane crash.

While both of these events were tragic, the latter story struck home as my boys were, for a time, also IU music students. They knew or knew of a couple of the kids who died. I can't imagine what the five families are going through now.

Meanwhile, Osama has issued another of his diatribes promising more violence against the infidels. I'm not a violent person as such. I have never owned a gun, hopefully never will. I am not a proponent of the death penalty. But, if given the opportunity, I don't think I would have much difficulty putting a bullet through Osama's brain. Of course, it would be a futile act. It would just provide the islamic fundamentalists with a martyr. At any rate, I'm not expecting an engraved invitation to put Osama's lights out.

A couple of weeks ago responding to a knock at the door, I was met there by a nattily dressed elderly man, bedecked in a 3 piece suit topped with a gray fedora. It seems that he and his wife were canvassing the neighborhood to find people with whom to sit down and discuss the bible.

Boy, did he knock on the wrong door.

Now, understand. I was not offensive to this gentleman in any way. I was cordial, but quickly told him that I was a "confirmed" atheist. You would have thought by this fellow's response that I had punched him. He stumbled back as if he had been struck in the chest saying "Oh, my. How did this happen? I'm so sorry." He regained his composure and appeared to study my face, perhaps to learn if my impending damnation was anywhere evident in my countenance. Nevertheless, I responded cheerily, "No need to be sorry. I'm fine. It's all good."

I didn't convince him in the least. He began taking small nervous steps backward in an effort to extracate himself from the presence of the doomed. He looked hopefully toward my neighbor's house where he caught site of his wife, calling to her, "Olivia, I think we should move on down the street. You go ahead, I'll catch up." Returning to me he edged his way down the porch steps apologetically saying that they had several homes to visit before dark. I waved him goodbye, and off he went briskly across the walk, down the drive, and up the street in pursuit of the lovely Olivia.

In a bit of a footnote: I related this story to my wife, the lovely Joan. She gave me a sidelong glance asking, "Just when and where did this "confirmation" take place?

She got me.

Also on a happier note, my older son called today to inform us that he is in Paris to audition for the Paris Opera. He noted that directly across the street from the hostel where he is staying is the Indiana Cafe. They serve American style burgers, fries and hot dogs. A burger costs about twelve Euros (cheese is two additional Euros.) An order of fries is about three Euros. Pretty reasonable, don't you think? I don't know what they're getting for a hot dog.

My younger son is going to graduate school in Florida. I think I'll get him a Palmetto bug trap and some recipes for 'gater & grits.



noell said...

My response to the "confirmed" atheist story: Oh my gosh! What a great story. The guy sounds pretty dramatic, I must say.

jazzycat said...

Reminds me of when my old college roomate that I had not seen in twenty or thirty years witnessed to me shortly after I had drifted away from my seeker mode... The timing was dramatic and since he has a PhD in engineering I couldn't write him off as a nut. As Paul Harvey would say, you know the rest of the story.


Terry S said...

This is Paul Harvey. . . . . Good day.

Zoe said...

Okay, my take on the punched in the gut thingy.

It was probably the demon of atheism that struck the blow. Then being knocked of his foundation by said demon, he back tracked, looking quickly for his wife & to protect her, he told her to move on. Code word for, atheist demon activitiy detected, run for your life. ;)

Terry S said...


Perhaps more accurately: Run for your ETERNAL life!

Zoe said...

Indeed! :)