Sunday, March 05, 2006

More Random Thoughts

I haven't posted here in a few days. I have spent a great deal of time reading and commenting on other sites - Agnostic Mom, Open Campus, even a word or two at Sweet Jazzy Cat's. It's hard to keep up. I walked in a 10K yesterday and am still a bit sore for it. I am watching the Oscars while writing this. I don't think Jon Stewart is quite up to the task. Nobody has achieved the level of Billy Crystal. Otherwise, the bits that are supposed to be funny, have, for the most part, not been. The show just seems disjointed and generally out of sinc. I don't know why that should surprise me. The Oscars are usually disjointed and out of sinc. I guess it's just that when Billy Crystal hosted, he was usually able to joint and sinc it when needed.

I'm gonna let this go for now. I got nothin'. I just want to thank Joan, my wife for putting up with me all these years, Nick and Chris, my sons for keeping me hard at work, and the 4 dogs I've had during my life for their remarkable achievement in shedding and piddling.

Thank you and good nite everybody.


Chris said...

Nick and I are sure to keep working you pops! Tote dat barge!!

jazzycat said...

That competitive walking sounds tough. I used to walk and jog but due to a irregular heartbeat and too many birthdays, I now do swim at the Y. Looks like you have a really great family.

Terry S said...

Of course, I don't COMPETE as such. I don't have that much history doing it. My main problem is that my knees are not happy about it. They complain a lot.

But, yeah, my wife and my kids are the best. Frankly, I haven't accomplished much in this life. Happily, my wife is pretty much all things to me, and my sons are now on their journey through early adulthood. It's scary and wondrous for them and us. It's good stuff.


noell said...

If the Oscars weren't funny, at least this post was. Short, sweet, and funny.