Sunday, February 19, 2006

Those Darn Cartoons

Some scurrilous individual indicated that the "cartoon" at the left is a likeness of the prophet Mohammed. But I have it on good authority that it is actually a caricature of one Mickey Podherz, a high school classmate and inveterate nose picker who had a problem with early onset facial hair.

Any resemblence to the prophet is purely coincidental.

Any muslim cleric who places a bounty on anyone who offends them should be kidnapped and forced to perform karaoke versions to Barry Manilow's "At the Copa." repeatedly on Al- Jazeera's "E."

Personally, I think that every newspaper and periodical in the west should publish all of the offending prophet cartoons. Who would they target then?

No doubt pious muslims would never consider publishing anything offensive against jews or christians. Their hypocrasy is without equal.


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jazzycat said...

This was really good with humor and I agree once again. I think the fear of violating PC etiquette is the main reason newspapers have not shown the cartoons. Your views on hunting was right on as well. This must be embarrassing to you for me to agree twice in less than a week. While I did not agree with your last response on the other topic, it was well written. I may comment later on some aspects of it... It has been cold down here and we don't like it.