Friday, January 13, 2006

Molly Ivins

I just finished listening to Molly Ivins' Who Let the Dogs In? In it she skewers about everyone to the right of Lenin. Ya gotta' love it. I listened to her read her tome, Bushwhacked a few months ago. She is an intelligent, sincere lady who, I believe is an honest to goodness gracious American in the truest sense. She is a liberal. Yes the "L" word, but not that of Showtime infamy. A bleeding heart liberal. And proud of it! That she hails from Texas, just makes it sweeter. While she often approaches American politics with tongue firmly in cheek, at heart she is in earnest. She recognizes the absurdity of much of what goes on in government at all levels. But she also recognizes that governance is not a game. Government affects virtually every aspect of our lives. She knows, that as ridiculous as some politicos' antics often are, these people are powerful and can, through their maneuvers in smoke filled rooms and their votes, give us the ability to stay in the round, or send us crashing to the mat. If you haven't had the pleasure, listen to, or read either or both of these books. You'll be glad you did.


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