Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another Playoff Loss

Woe is us! The Colts stymied again. What is it gonna take to get them to be mentally ready to play at the next level? The fact that they almost pulled it off through a series of bizarre plays and rulings late in the game are of little comfort. The Steelers simply out played and out hustled them. You gotta give credit where it's due.

While the photo at left has no connection with the above, I thought I'd throw it in here because its a pretty good shot. (It is a photo of the main walkway leading to the Belvedere Palace in Vienna taken in December of 1999.) Much better to look at this than to think about the coming year living with yet another failed NFL season. (I know, I should get a life. I have one, but well, it's a guy thing, I guess.)

It looks as if the Pacers are pretty much out of the mix as well. Ron Artest has now, single handedly, sabotoged 2 consecutive Pacer seasons. While a good trade might help salvage things, it seems more likely that it will end in another frustrated effort. I'm usually not so much of a pessimist, but, perhaps, the Pacers could use a good house cleaning. I just don't think they have the chemistry or the mind-set of a championship team. I don't think people, myself included, understood how much Reggie Miller meant to this team. Reggie was accurate when he pointed out that the Pacers still had chemistry problems at the beginning of the season. Without Artest, they just don't have the horses to compete at the top level of the league. I certainly don't subscribe to bringing him back to the fold. He is, in a word, nuts. He's several minutes short of an hour. Frankly, I think any team who takes him will ultimately regret it. He is one hell of a player, but he is, to be kind, mentally unstable. He will crash and burn again, whether it's in Indy or anywhere else.

Indianapolis could use a championship of some kind. Other than a couple of championships by our triple A baseball team, the Indians, over the years, you would have to go back to IU's 1987 NCAA championship for any solace. It's been a long drought. The old ABA Pacers won a couple of championships, but that goes back to the 70s.

Well, now they can get the RCA Dome ready for tractor pulls and dirt bike races. Yeehaw!


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jazzycat said...

Tough about the Colts. I am a college fan (Miss. State Bulldogs) and really don't follow pros anymore. I really like the Indiana passion for basketball and the movie "Hoosiers" was a classic. About twenty years ago I went through a period of being too involved with my team. I still like it but I keep it in perspective now. You sure have more snow photos than me.