Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hooray for Judge Jones

Well, what do you know? No "intelligent design" in Dover, PA. Whoop tee do! Again, its not a huge deal, but it certainly made a lot of people sit up and take notice. What I was most impressed with was that Judge Jones really raked the members of the Dover School Board, who voted to mandate the mention of ID in their schools, over the coals. Even accused them of lying. I love it. Intelligent design is not science.

I am to the point of exasperation with conservative politicos who cry foul everytime something goes against them. You'd think that they have been beaten down and have no voice in what's going on. Their beleagured outcries are at least ingenuine. What are they complaining about? They're running the joint, for crying out loud. They control the white house, congress, many governorships, the majority of state legislatures and fox news. Despite their protestations about "run amok" judges, many high level benches are held by right wingers. What more do they want? Is it mandatory that we have christianity shoved down our throats at every turn? If they want their children to buy into ID {creationism,} pull them out of public school. Fie! Get thee to parochial school! And, of course, they can be indoctrinated at home, and at church on Sunday, at Sunday school, at church on Monday, at church on Tuesday, at church on Wednesday, at church on Thursday, at church on Friday, oh, and at church on Saturday. Any preacher worth his salt can brain wash any "evolutionary" thoughts out of their impressionable young minds.

One last thought: Liberal is not a 4 letter word.


jazzycat said...

Poor libs. You have CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, NY Times, University professors, the entire entertainment media; but Fox News, conservative talk radio and some bloggers refuse to roll over and submit to MSM propaganda.

Terry S said...

It's curious that conservatives claim that the media is all bent toward liberal ends when in fact all of those news organizations you mentioned with the likely exception of PBS (and NPR) are run by large corporations who have long been supporters of conservative politics which are virtually always in the corporate camp. As for University professors, yeah, many (though certainly not all) people of higher learning do tend to come down on the liberal side. As regards the world of entertainment, yep, most are died in the wool liberals. There are of course a few notable exceptions - Kelsey Grammer, is, inexplicably, a conservative apologist, and of course who can forget the great Charlton (cold, dead hands) Heston?

We've had a good debate about all this so far. I haven't had an opportunity to respond to your latest counter argument, and I have only been able to have a quick look at your blog site.

I will do so soon, although, as we are going out of the country in a couple of days, I'm not sure I'll be able to have access to the net until I return.

Keep in mind that I respect your opinions, and while we obviously differ widely in our beliefs, I firmly believe that each individual must figure it all out for themselves. You have forced me to think, and to articulate my positions. That's great.

If I don't post further before we leave, have a good Christmas & holiday season.

jazzycat said...

Nice comments. Thanks and you to have a happy Christmas and Holiday season. I hope you do check out my site. It is a blend of my photography, commentary, religious thought all with hopefully an emphasis on humor through my adorable cat jasimine.