Friday, December 16, 2005

A Few Quotes

Often, in passing, I run across some words of wisdom that I think are worth relating. From time to time as it occurs to me, I will try to include some of these pithy little sayings in this diary.

This is one I just read today. It can be found on page 215 (in a chapter entitled "The Therapeutic Assault) of Wendy Kaminer's really excellent book Sleeping with Extra-Terrestrials - The Rise of Irrationalism and Perils of Piety:

"The First Amendment protects your right to give offense, and requires that you learn
to take it. That is a simple and fundamental principle of democracy, which is rarely

A couple of others which unfortunately, I can't recall specifically where or when they were said or written are as follows:

"Life is a sexually transmitted disease." R.D. Liang

"We grew up founding our dreams on the infinite promise of American advertising."
Zelda Fitzgerald

I just like those. They work for me.

As I hear, read or remember others, I will endeavor to get them into cyber print.

Me think me hear horses, kemo sabe. We must go.

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