Monday, November 21, 2005

First Blog on Blogspot

This is it. This is my first post, on this blog anyway. I tried another blog site, and didn't like it. I don't know if it really matters, but here I am.

What am I doing here? Probably not much of any real interest to anyone. But I've got an itch in my craw (or crawl, or whatever.) It's those Raptarians. Raptarians? The Rapturites. The good old christian folks who are nervously waiting for "The Rapture" to whisk them off to heaven while all of us non-believers are left behind to deal with old Lucifer and his minions who will inflict violence and hellfire on our slattern, godless bodies.

What a load of crap!

As you, the esteemed reader might gather, your host is not a believer. It is my belief that no god is lording over us. There is no omnipotent, omniscient being, entity, essence or whatever, no "intelligent designer" making all this up on the fly.
This life is all we get. We are on our own. It is up to each of us to be good, to be bad, to be indifferent. But when we shuffle off this mortal coil, that is it. No immortal soul is going to wing its way to heaven, or free fall into the depths of hell. All that will remain of us is our rotting corpse and, more than likely, hefty credit card balances and perhaps some late arriving mail that, had we still been around, we would have put in the bottom of that old box of junk down in the basement for later perusal.

The Raptarians are busy posturing, pushing, shoving to get themselves into just the right place in line to assure a boarding pass for the Paradise Express. The rest of us will be "left behind." Not only us non-believers, but also all non-christians, even more specifically, only fundamentalist, protestant christians will get the sought after pass. No catholics, no jews, no muslims, no hindus, no sikhs, no shintos, no buddhists, no taoists, no zoroastrians, no epicurians. Only good ole god fearin' fundamentalist christians. (I know, I know, I'm not showing proper respect by failing to capitalize the various religious groups, and god, for goodness sake. But, this is my space. It is my choice. If this offends you, you are certainly free to let me know, or you can just click off.)

I don't flatter myself in thinking that I'm the only one who has come to this conclusion about the fallacy of god's existence.(But we are certainly a significant minority.) Nor am I likely the most articulate. But I just want to add my two cents worth, and, hopefully stir up some conversation and debate amongst all you blogsters.

Being an atheist is either brave or stupid depending on your perspective. If you believe in god, and it turns out that you're wrong, no harm done. If you don't believe in god and you're wrong, there'll be hell to pay.

Well, that's all we have time for tonight. I want to thank Oprah, Dr. Irwin Cory, Kermit and the entire cast of WWII for being here this evening. Be sure to hurry out and get your copy of "Lori Line goes Gangsta." Tomorrow, we have scheduled Daryl (of Larry, Daryl and Daryl) to read from his "Newhart" scripts.

Thank you, Paul, and all of you.


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